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By choosing to include flowers and foliage in our celebrations we are choosing to celebrate the beauty of these stunning natural resources and I strongly believe that by incorporating them in events there should be no negative impact on our treasured planet.


The floral industry is going through significant change and as such the old, traditionally accepted ways of doing things are increasingly being called into question for their eco credentials.  Like many florists I have spent a lot of time working out more sustainable ways to use flowers and foliage and I keep an ongoing check on the new resources and techniques that are being developed all the time.


If you genuinely want eco friendly flowers at your event you may have to slightly re-think some of the designs you thought you might like and be prepared for them to look a little more “natural and free-flowing” for example but, together, I am confident we can come up with designs that celebrate our country’s wealth of beautiful blooms and foliage and at the same time create the visual and stunning effects you are after.'s some ways I achieve it....

Ditch floral foam as much as possible

I am an ardent fan of the “no floral foam” movement and strive to educate people who may not necessarily be aware that floral foam, even the so-called “bio” versions, is a single use plastic full of hazardous materials. It does not bio-degrade and so usually ends up in landfill where it takes hundreds of years to decompose, releasing many hazardous chemicals as it does so. Whilst using it micro particles also easily get into our water sources and oceans.


Rather than treat “no floral foam” as a nuisance, the creativity required to find alternative mechanics can actually enhance the creative process by forcing us to think outside the box. 

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